Monday, September 1, 2014

SHOP: Monday Blues?

Lush, RM69

Nude Not, RM35

Bluey Joyce, RM55 - RM119
Free postage!

Above Basic, RM45 - RM59

Whitesoot, RM65 - RM85

Kei Mag, RM62 - RM72

Joy Apparel, RM45 - RM55
Free postage!

A Spoonful of Clothes, RM55 - RM69

Bonjour Boutique, price not available

Milktee, RM49 - RM59
Free postage!


It's a new month ahead and it's the perfect reason to shop for the new month! ;)
With Baju Borong, you don't even need to spend a bomb 
as they're offering a variety of fashion clothing at affordable prices!

Casual EXO varsity sweater for all the KPOP fans! RM26

Basic flare maxi skirt in 10 beautiful eye-catching colors,
and the lovely looking polka-dot piece for your daily dressy outfits! RM28

Also offering beautiful muslimah clothing at a fraction of price, RM44
Modern jubah with various prints & intricate embroidery waist detail.

Check out Baju Borong today for more!

Friday, August 29, 2014

SHOP: Quick updates!

Malibu Beachwear, RM90 

Juju Milky, RM8 - RM12

Glossyaddiction, price not available

October Origin, RM53 - RM55

Fascino Couture, RM59 - RM79

Phat Culture, RM55 - RM63

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SHOP: Quick Updates!

Temptations, RM10 - RM18

Downtown Sunny, RM22 - RM62

Le Seul, RM79 - RM254
Let's Tee, RM35

BellaLuna, RM65 - RM85
Free Shipping!

Hutz Fashion, RM45 - RM59

Joy Apparel, RM89 - RM99

Vanity Project, RM37 - RM69
Inksole, RM82
Free Postage! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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