Monday, December 22, 2014

SHOP: Quick updates!

Juju Milky, RM13 - RM21
Cherry Berries, RM47.90 - RM67.90

Chic Fliq, RM55 - RM69

Bluey Joyce, RM39 - RM59

Hutz Fashion, RM45 - RM59

Cassa Fashion, RM29.50 - RM47.50

Poet, price not available

Handbag Wholesale is Malaysia's largest fashion bag supplier
offering affordable imported bags for you to feast on!

Michael Kors inspired sling bags with a lovely pastel tone, RM58

Prada and Michael Kors inspired handbags 
in these beautiful royal blue and jade green.
Elegant pieces for your day-to-night outfits! RM65 - RM66

 Handbags that comes in a set - large tote, medium sling bag and a small clutch
Highly versatile bags for all your daily essentials, RM75.

Visit Handbag Wholesale for more today!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Megafash Malaysia x Shopping Roll

Megafash Malaysia is a project by Megafash Pte Ltd. Megafash Malaysia
that aims to bring the best of Singapore fashion labels into the Malaysia.
Local Malaysian customers will enjoy a better shopping experience
with specially curated products from established brands
and direct shipping within Malaysia from our local warehouse.

In conjunction with its recent launch in Malaysia,
they're celebrating this by hosting a giveaway in collaboration with Shopping Roll!

How to win:
1. Sign up for Megafash Malaysia's mailing list - CLICK
2. Follow @megafash_my & @shoppingrollmy on Instagram - CLICK / CLICK
3. 1 lucky winner (selected by me) will be able to choose one of the items featured!
__(click for more info)
__+ Luxe Lucerne Cut-In Pleats Dress
__+ Oh Comfy Cascading Cardigan
__+ Sunday's Best Floral Top
__+ Kellyn Floral Prints Shorts

Deadline: 31 December 2014
Winner Annoucement: 4 January 2015

That's not all!
In the meantime, all Shopping Roll readers can also enjoy a special 10% off purchases with the discount code "SHOPPINGROLL10", valid till 31 January 2015.

Time to shop for the new year! ;)

Friday, December 19, 2014


It's a new year ahead and it's the perfect reason to shop! ;)
Check out these new arrivals at Baju Borong!  
Kimono cardigan for your boho chic outfits, RM27.

Baseball shirt for your casual days, RM22.

Metallic victorian print long-sleeve top, RM29.
Simply pair it off with any bodycon skirt or black leggings!

Sequin sleeves, gold embellished waist and eye-catching colors, 
some of the beautiful maxi dresses in store for only RM44-RM45!

Visit Baju Borong for more!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014



Jewelry is ideal to wear not only as a reflection of your personal taste
but also to communicate who you really are. 
I love how it could easily lift a look and make an ordinary outfit outstanding,
plus, it can even be a fine treasure to give to someone special or just to spoil yourself!

Vivere Rosse is a new online jewellery store in Malaysia,
known for their top notch, luxurious jewelries that cost only a fraction of price!

Take a look at what I've received from them!
Beautifully packaged, bubble wrapped jewellery box for added security.
Also comes along with their very own pink microfibre jewelry polishing cloth.

Once opened, this beautiful piece of bracelet is laying gracefully in it!
Monalisa Colorful Cubic Zirconia Bracelet is made of 18k gold plated,
finest grade cubic zirconia in various shades with fold-over linked clasp closure.

Some of you might be thinking, what on earth is "Cubic Zirconia"?
And it's my pleasure to enlighten you on some information about it! ;)
+ Cubic zirconia (also called CZ) existed for over 100s of years
and is favoured in jewellery due to its close resemblance to diamond.
+ Unlike diamonds, CZ is simulated to be optically flawless.
They can be perfectly structured, free of inclusion and possess a brighter fire.
+ A colorless CZ is extremely difficult to distinguish from a diamond,
hence it could deliver the look of a diamond without the high price tag.
Now you know! 

Delicate piece adorned with CZ all around that look extra elegant.
This eye-catching multicolour bracelet can be worn with cocktail dresses 
or even with matching colours casual ensembles!

Not as lightweight as the low quality ones
but it's surely not as heavy that your wrist couldn't handle.
I'd say it's comfortable to wear and definitely speaks the quality of it.

Additionally, they do have these pieces in store that share
the same kind of metal and tones that will surely complement the bracelet perfectly!

Vivere Rosse merchandise includes:
Earrings, Rings, Couple rings & Engagement rings

Necklaces, Bracelets & Anklets

Jewelry sets

From solitaire stud earrings luxurious looking bridal jewellery set
in all forms, designs and sizes for you to pick and choose from!
Charming embellishment and intricate details that reflects refined taste and femininity.
These will surely work wonders to elevate a simple dress!

Visit Vivere Rosse now for all your jewellery needs!

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